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Showcase your journey or describe any process for your business. This template includes 2 design styles/layouts.

Showit canvas Template

Facts Quiz Canvas

Templates work only with Showit. Your purchase is an instant, digital download and because of that, all sales are final and non-refundable. 

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one payment of $27

Video and written training resources and real-person Showit support to help you successfully customize and launch your template in days!

A mobile-responsive design that can be edited separately from your desktop design for a unique mobile experience. 

A template built for the user-friendly, drag-and-drop platform Showit, where everything – from fonts, colors, images, layout, and design – can be completely customized to your specific wants and needs.

Included With your purchase:

Showit is a website drag-and-drop, no code website builder that will also host your website for you. After working on other website platforms for years, I made the decision to only work with Showit, and here is why. Showit has a variety of affordable pricing plan options to fit your wants and needs.

01. what is showit and how much is it?

Yep! You can have your cake and eat it too, immediately! Upon purchase, you will agree to my shop's Terms and Conditions which legally bound you to continue payment or forfeit rights to your purchase(s).

02. with a payment plan, do i get my template immediately?

Sometimes we just need a helping hand, and I'd love to expertly customize your website template for you! Reach out here for availability and to begin your customization experience!

03. can you customize my template for me?

Of course you can! And to make things even easier, the Showit Team will connect your domain for you!

04. can i keep my same domain name?

Because each purchase is an instant download, I do not offer refunds. Read more about this Policy  here.

05. what is your shop's return policy?

There are only 5 things you need to launch your website: (1) your template, (2) the free Google Chrome browser for easy customization, (3) your website copy + images, (4) your Showit subscription, and  (5) your domain name! That's  it!

06. is there anything else i need to launch my website?

Yep! And the best news? Showit will migrate all of your blog posts for you from Wordpress and Squarespace!

07. can i keep/migrate all of my blog posts easily?

The short answer: it works great and can be completed with a few clicks! The long answer: browse my SEO blog category for more SEO and Showit tips!

08. how does showit work with seo?

Since 2016, Abigail Dyer has been crafting stylish, strategic brands and websites for female business owners and bloggers.

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