I'm a Tennessee gal that's currently living in Alabama, an enneagram 3w2 (or 3w4 when I'm feeling spicy), a very enthusiastic yet very subpar Peloton cyclist, total bookworm, and yeah...I'm one of those ladies who can't miss a Bachelor Monday with with a (very large) glass of red.

In 2016, I traded my marketing career for a self-lead life of art and design by launching Abigail Dyer Design. Along the way, I’ve learned a thing or two (or 573,297) about creating designs that are professional, pretty, and built to bring you more profit. 

Today, I spend my days working with women to elevate their online presence through branding and website design, and the sweetest moment is when clients become dear friends.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet!




The fluffiest, sassiest mini goldendoodle and my favorite studio assistant. Loves peanut butter (She’s a JIF kinda gal.) and hates the dog park. She’s also an expert at sleeping on the job.

01. nala doodle dyer

Spring Fling movies? Check! Fall Classics? Check. Christmas Originals? (OMG YES!) Double Check. I've never ever watched so many predictable movies. Double points if the cheesiness is oozing. I can't get enough!

02. hallmark movies

Make it a jumbo please. And of course I’m next level extra and want salt on the rim. And while you’re at it, can I get some chips with my guac? (Yes, I’m fully aware it’s not free.)

03. guac + Margs

So what if I just jumped from margs to wine?  I mean, not every day can be taco Tuesday.   This introvert thrives after a glass of red. And yeah, I'm in full support that a glass of red a day keeps the doctor away. 

04. red wine

I’ve been known to read/listen to 100+ books in a year (oops). My favs include Harry Potter ('cause duh), the A Court Of Thorns and Roses series, and The Discovery of Witches series.  Read 'em and thank me later.

05. books

I’m always dreaming of the next place to adventure. My heart longs to experience new places and cherish different cultures. My favs include: Grand Tetons NP, London, Bavaria, and Alaska.

06. adventure + travel

My Forever And Ever Favs:

I know your investment is very important, and because of that, I only work with a select number of clients to ensure that your project gets the time and attention it rightly deserves.

01 of 06

I believe your new brand and website should assist you for years to come. That’s why I offer many bonus educational resources for success before, during, and after your project.

02 of 06

I make details a priority because I believe that even the smallest details can make the biggest difference and going above and beyond will make your designs go from good to great!

03 of 06

I don't rush this process. I begin your Experience with substantial strategy to ensure that I'm crafting designs that elevate your business and bring you long-term success.

04 of 06

Where others may see this relationship as business, my goal is connect with you on a deeper, personal level. I want you to feel like you gained a trusted design partner and life-long cheerleader.

05 of 06

My marketing degree and real-life industry experience taught me the importance of going past the design and to create something that isn't just pretty, but also marketable and approachable.

06 of 06

then let's seal the deal (No kiss required).

Since 2016, Abigail Dyer has been crafting stylish, strategic brands and websites for female business owners and bloggers.

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