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refined branding + website design

through refined branding + website design,

EST. 2016


for female creatives who want their business to look as pretty and polished as their work.

through refined branding and website design,

I help bloggers + business owners stand out with strategy, story, and style.

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AbigaiL dyer

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I’m a Southern gal (with a Tennessee accent) known for bringing Southern hospitality into each and every project. Because I believe working together shouldn’t just feel like a process but an Experience – one that makes you feel understood and cared for through every step and with every detail

You know your business deserves a brand and website that's as unique and personal as you. You want the confidence to boldly share your business with the world. And right now is the time to stand up to standing out. Are you ready to take your business to higher heights? 

My work is an extension of my heart. And when we work together, your passions become my passions. And whether you're in need of a designer or looking for educational resources (or both!), I'm dedicated to helping your business and life. 

Hey, y'all! I'm Abigail –

designer, educator, encourager, and grilled cheese sandwich lover.

Take a peak at my life + story

It's my job (and passion!) to help you achieve all of this and more.

So you're ready to elevate your business and stand out online?

No matter the season of your business, whether you’re just starting out with a bootstrap budget, on top of your own Mt. Everest, or even somewhere in-between circling the hamster wheel – your brand and website should:

your business deserves the best

Showit website templates built for the business owner who desires a pretty, polished online home that's packed full of details – without the pricey tag.

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One-of-a-kind branding and website design that is built with beauty and strategy to showcase your one-of-a-kind business.

custom design services

I've got 2 ways meet your needs and surpass your dreams:

(P.S. Speaking of hamster wheels, you should watch this if you like to laugh.)

reflect the value of your work + expertise

consistently attract your Ideal Clients

set your business up for long-term success

showcase your personal, unique story

I live for those speechless moments!

no words, huh?

"There just aren't any words that describe how much I love the brand and website Abigail created for me."

"Abigail surpasses any bar that was ever set. I could tell from the get-go that her work goes far beyond creating designs. She truly cares about our business and wanted to serve us in ways that could improve our overall business. We are in love with what she created for us and so excited that it will last us for years!"

attracts her dream clients consistently.
can justify the higher pricing for her expertise.
has a consistent online presence.
feels confident to share her timeless, organic-styled brand.

"Before my launch, my brand and online presence was inconsistent and not up-to-date. My website also did not speak to my ideal clients, which obviously made booking weddings even more difficult."

erin fox

a Nashville wedding + family photographer

after working with adds, Erin:

"Abigail is not only an extremely hard, dedicated worker - she is a friend and cheerleader in times when you most need it! Growing a business is scary, but Abigail will listen to your needs and then encourage you to see aspects of yourself/your business that are often hard to see in the midst of growth or big change."

increased her bookings.
is making connections with the right people.
has a cohesive brand and easy-to-navigate website.
can confidently showcase her best work.

"My site lacked cohesiveness before Abigail's help. My clients weren't able to see an accurate representation of my work. And my clients weren't even able to contact me via my old website!" 

Candice Cornett

a Knoxville, TN wedding + family photographer

after working with adds, Candice:

Before working with adds:

Everyone loves a happy ending. These entrepreneurs built their business from the ground up. They are the heroes of their own story, and I'm just honored to be a helping hand.

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since 2016, abigail dyer has been dedicated to crafting refined brands and websites for female entrepreneurs all over the world.