5 Reasons Why You Should Elevate Your Brand With Packaging (And 5 Ways To Affordably Do It)

Opening up a perfectly packaged piece of mail feels similar to Christmas morning. As a brand, you get to play Santa and create this excitement for your customers when they open your branded packaging. 

Branded packaging can often feel like an expensive luxury, but shouldn’t be neglected no matter your budget. 

I’ve personally chosen to forgo those cute albeit expensive mailer boxes because hollllyyy yike$. And I’ve come to realize I can still create stylish packaging without compromising my budget.

Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in branded packaging, no matter your budget:

1. Improved Brand Recognition

The primary benefit of branded packaging is that it increases brand recognition and awareness. When your packaging features your iconic brand identity, it helps to reinforce your brand and creates a lasting impression in the minds of your customers. 

2. Differentiation from Competitors

At Abigail Dyer Design, we create stand-out, stylish brands and website. Naturally, we appreciate any edge we can have on our competitors. Branded packaging can help you differentiate your product from your competitors by creating a unique and eye-catching packaging design. 

3. Increased Value

Branded packaging can also increase the perceived value of your product and brand. When customers receive their product in a well-designed and professional-looking package, they are more likely to perceive the product that’s inside as even more high-quality and valuable.

4. Smart Advertising

We like to work smarter, not harder, and I know you do too. You can use your packaging to creatively promote special offers or discounts, as well as highlight new products or services. It can also be used to encourage customers to follow you on social media or visit your website.

5. Improved Security & Protection

Branded packaging gives you an opportunity to increase the security and protection of your products. By using durable materials, custom packaging can help to prevent damage to your product during transit, ensuring that your customers receive their product in perfect condition. Safe packaging = happy customers.

So in other words, does this means spending some extra dolla dolla bills on packaging to make MORE money, value, and reliability? Yep, count me in! 

My favorite ways to creatively and affordably brand your packaging:


Naturally, the best way to creatively brand your packaging is with the actual packaging. Printed boxes are expensive, so I personally use Sticker Mule’s custom poly and bubble mailers and these boxes for my larger product items. I use various packaging extras to turn my basic box into an elevated, custom shipping parcel.

Psstt – Sharing is caring! Here’s $10 off your next Sticker Mule purchase!


You can easily and affordably turn any basic shipping box into a branded, show-stopping package. Safely secure your products and seal it with your perfectly branded tape. I also use Sticker Mule’s custom packing tape because it’s high-quality and (currently starting at) only $19 for 100 ft.


Don’t stop there! I also add branded stickers to my basic, black shipping boxes. Along with my tape and a branded sticker, my shipping box quickly transforms into a one-of-a-kind mailer that always gets compliments. 

And you guessed it! I also use Sticker Mule’s stickers. It’s kind of their specialty (obvi), as they offer countless options for shapes, sizes, and styles. My personal favorites are their die-cut stickers, kiss-cut stickers, and sticker sheets.

Pro Tip: Sticker Mule picks a product each week and steeply discounts it. Sign up to be alerted. This is exactly how I’ve been able to affordably elevate my brand packaging.

Paper Products

Adding a thank you card or marketing or promotional materials is a great way to increase brand awareness and customer satisfaction. My clients actually mention the heartfelt, hand-written note I provide more often than the gift I send them. While paper products seem easy, don’t underestimate their value!

I use Moo to produce my business cards and notecards. They’re mega thick and ultra-high-quality. Here’s a Moo.com coupon for 25% off!

Tissue Paper

Unveil your product with tissue paper that protects and adds perceived value to your product. While I don’t use tissue paper in my own packaging, I’ve always been wowed by the look of it and appreciate the recognition this brings to the brand.

There are countless options when it comes to packaging. You can browse my portfolio page to get some packaging inspiration. How will you elevate your brand with packaging this year?

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