The Portrait Lounge

Photography client lounge:

Somewhere between answering the same question for the 100th time and showing up to a session and thinking “holy freakin’ dress pattern," you’ve realized there HAS to be a better way to communicate and set expectations with your clients.

But even though you know your client experience needs some TLC, you don’t know where to give it some love (

Get a client experience today that SAVES YOUR SANITY and SKYROCKETS YOUR SUCCESS.

So why do you STILL feel like your client experience is a CHAOTIC CLUSTER?!

✓ You’ve mastered your photography style.  
✓ You deserve a gold star for your lighting and Lightroom skills.
✓ Your Insta reel game is rolling in the followers.
✓ Your website is bringing in the inquiries.
✓ And even your on-boarding process deserves a round of applause. 

Why is an A+ client experience SO important?

So I know what you’re thinking…
"How can I make every client feel like a VIP without losing my sanity?”

WHY? Because relationships build trust. And trust is the cornerstone of a successful experience. 

When a client trusts you, they don’t think twice about their 10-minute delay in their timeline or the 50% chance of rain because they know you’ve thought of it already, planned accordingly, and have their best interest at heart.

The KEY to a fun, seamless, and memorable experience is to make your clients feel like a VIP from START to FINISH.

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The Portrait Lounge

I’ve taken EVERYTHING you need to level-up your client experience and mixed it into a "HIDDEN," STYLISH, ONLINE SPACE that educates, inspires, and instills the trust you DESERVE.

AKA the missing piece to your VIP client experience

for photographers


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See ya never, PDF guides! Use this wedding pricing website page to educate and wow your potential clients with easy-to-access information on what to expect, your process, pricing details, and why they should work with you over others in your industry.

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Trashing your PDF welcome guide that NEVER gets read and replacing it with an online, accessible space that actually works for you and your clients.

The Client Lounge is a multi-page “mini-website” that acts as a subdomain and connects with your Showit website. AKA this Client Lounge works ALONGSIDE your current website to enhance your Client Experience beyond the booking process.

imagine this:

Uh, hold up, wait a minute...What’s a Client Lounge?

– amber l.

"This gave the perfect springboard to get my Lounge up quick. It's professional and easy to match my website."

– mariah o.

This saved me HOURS of time doing it myself and now my client experience is a million times more professional."

– mallory k.

"I was able to instantly send this template within just 30 minutes of customization. That's PRICELESS!"

Just in case you need some help, I've got various ways to support you! Includes: Template guide(s), 5+ written instructions, 5+ video trainings, email support, chat support, etc.

Trainings & Support

This Lounge includes all the pages you need to welcome your clients: Lounge Home, Information, Location Ideas, Outfit Inspiration, Album Page.

All-Inclusive Pages

I've made launching your Lounge easy with Pre-written copy that will educate your clients, create more opportunities for additional services/sales, and completely elevate your client's photography experience or process.

Educational Copy

Here's what's waiting for you with your Lounge:

Solve ALL your problems with ONE solution –

✗ Time?
✗ Repeat customers?
✗ Client Referrals?
✗ Unprepared clients?
✗ All of the above?!

What is your current client experience costing you?

Give you opportunities to earn more money with add-on services. Heck to the yes!

Retain your previous clients so they keep coming back for more.

Have a steller client experience so that you can raise your prices and fill your bank account with more dolla dolla billz, yo.

Get readable and attainable info to your people in a single location so they can access it anywhere from any device.

Stop repeating yourself with the same answers to the same questions. Well helloooo free time, nice to see ya again!

Set expectations with your clients from day one. Ain’t nobody got time for *those* pesky people!

Think about how GREAT it will feel to have ALL this *and more* with ONE solution.

When you've completed your customization and connected your template to your website, you can publish your template and immediately start elevating your client experience!

✓ publish and elevate

When you've completed your Template's customizations, you will connect this template to your website/domain as a +Site on Showit (aka a subdomain). Written and visual instructions are included so you can easily complete this step!

✓ connect your template

Upon purchase, you can start customize EVERYTHING with this Showit add-on template to match your brand – from fonts, colors, images, layout, and design – can be completely customized to your specific wants and needs.

✓ Customize Your Template

Here's How It Works:

Let's work smarter, not harder, shall we?!

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– Brittany L.

"I loved using this template! It was super easy to install and customize."

– lakin s.

"This template offers so much value to my client experience."

– casey h.

"This was the perfect way to have all the information for my clients in one spot."

After working with 100+ photographers, I kept hearing similar complaints from my clients, "My website now works, but I feel like I'm not providing the same level of expertise to my clients after booking." And "how can I serve my clients as well as you've served me?"

Well PROBLEM SOLVED! I created this template with YOU in mind so you can serve your clients SO well during their experience, they keep coming back for MORE.


Hi, I'm Abigail, and I'm a website designer for photographers.

The Portrait Lounge Showcase




Or BUNDLE and SAVE $147 when you buy BOTH the Wedding Lounge AND the Portrait Lounge!

bundle & save!

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The Portrait Lounge

payment plan available

Get these results with ONE solution –

✓ more repeat clients
✓ new in client referrals
✓ increased add-on service sales
✓ no repeat questions

Every photographer that’s using this Client Lounge has seen

Don't see your question here? contact me here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because this is a digital product, no refunds will be given. You can learn more about this policy here.

Do you offer refunds?

Of course! Along with the support given in the template's guide, your purchase includes real-person support with ADD and Showit.

do you offer any support?

When you connect this template as a +Site with Showit, a unique link is created with your domain name. It can look like or truly whatever you choose! You can hide this Lounge from search engines, but anyone with this link can see your Lounge. All written and visual instructions to complete this step are included with your purchase.

how do my clients get to my lounge?

Upon purchase, you will download the template's guide. Inside this guide, you will find a Share Key and video and written training resources for adding this Lounge to your Showit account and customize it to your specifications, and sending it to your clients.

what comes with my purchase?

Absolutely! This template can be added to ANY Showit website and be customized to match your website's design.

can this template work with my current website?