How to Skyrocket Your Email List with a Quiz

Growing your email list with a general opt-in or lead magnet is officially a thing of the past. People are now so reluctant to hand over their information for a free tool, workbook, coupon, etc. I get it. But this got me thinking – how can I attract my target audience in a new, fun way where my target audience is more than willing to give me their information? If collecting emails for your business has become a difficult thing too, it’s time to raise the praise hands emoji because I’ve got the solution to solve all of your problems: an Interact quiz! Quizzes are becoming more frequently used with business owners so I decided to take this idea and test it myself, and I’m going to walk you through how to skyrocket your email list with a quiz!

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Before I get started telling you why and how to properly use an Interact quiz, experience just how fun, easy, and engaging a quiz can be by taking mine below!

Here are five reasons why you should create your own Interact Quiz:

An Interact quiz can grow your email list.

We all know just how important our email lists are. More subscribers means more leads and more leads means a greater potential for more money. Once your potential leads have finished taking the quiz, you can collect their information through your email service provider, like Convertkit, MailChimp, etc. And of course, once you have their information, you can continue to develop and cultivate that relationship.

An Interact quiz can education your target audience in a new, exciting way.

Workbooks are fun. So are checklists. But by building a quiz, you can ask specific questions that can engage your quiz-takers and really evaluate their own personal needs.

An Interact Quiz can show your expertise in a fresh, creative way.

As a business owner, it’s natural to want to be an expert in your own specific industry. By creating a quiz, you are able to show your expertise in a new, exciting way by creating specific results based on your quiz-taker’s answers. Nothing says expert like deeply understanding their needs and giving them a specific solution that fits those unique needs.

An Interact Quiz can cultivate relationships with your leads in a significant way.

After a quiz-taker has gotten their results, you’ve already helped answer a question they had. But when you go one step further by giving them a free download based on their specific answers, you are showing just how excited and willing you are to assist them. And of course, you can communicate with them past this download by including them in your email newsletters.

An Interact Quiz can help you understand your target audience in a deeper way.

When a quiz has been completed, you are able to go into your Interact Quiz analytics dashboard to see each participant’s specific answers. Understanding your target audience in a deeper way will help you better understand how to market to them and solve their wants or needs.

How to create your own Interact Quiz:

Sign up

To begin, create your first quiz by clicking here, and sign up for a free or paid account, based on your specific wants and needs. Start thinking about what quiz topic you want to have and how it can best serve your target audience. I knew I wanted my quiz to revolve around web design visibility, and I began to think about the questions I am often asked by my potential clients regarding this: how do I know if my website is getting in front of my Dream Clients and how do I know if my website is actually attracting my Dream Clients? Try to create a quiz that solves questions and answers pain points.

Template vs. Scratch

Create a new quiz and select if you would like to use a template or build a quiz from scratch. If this is your first time creating an Interact quiz, I would recommend choosing the ‘Template’ quiz option. After you’ve become familiar with the program, building your second quiz from scratch will be much easier to understand and accomplish. Plus, using a template gives you a lot of built-in help.

Select Categories

Interact does a great job of helping you get started with your quizzes. In this next step, select all categories that are relevant to your business. I chose blogging, business, and marketing, but you can choose as many categories as you would like!

Choose Your Quiz Style

When you select the categories relevant to your business, you select which type of quiz you would like to build. Interact has three different formats: (1) An assessment quiz, which allows you to create a quiz that has specific answers and the quiz-taker will get a grade score based on how much they know about your topic. An example of this quiz type would be: How much do you actually know about branding? (2) A personality quiz, which allows your quiz-takers to understand more about themselves based on their answers. Most quizzes are built through this quiz type, just like my own personal quiz above. An example of this quiz type would be: Does your website attract your Dream Client? (3) And a score-valued quiz, which tests your quiz-takers knowledge by giving each question a point system. An example of this quiz type would be: What is your marketing IQ?

Make Your Quiz Your Own

Once you’ve selected your quiz type, Interact will automatically give you several quizzes to get started, all based upon the categories you chose that fit under your business. You can simply select one and make it your own. Or you can select a quiz and use it as an outline. This is what I did! For my first quiz, it was just helpful seeing an established quiz and helped me better understand the flow of how questions and results worked together.

Customize Your Quiz

Now that you’ve selected your quiz type, you will land on your quiz cover page. Begin by adding all of your brand colors and fonts under the ‘styles’ tab. If you happen to have a custom font through Adobe Typekit, you can upload that as well! I also suggest adding your own photos to make the quiz more personal, but if you need help, Interact already has a photo search option built-in too.

Create Questions

The next step is deciding on the questions that you would like to ask. Try to ask questions that can really cause your quiz-takers to dig deep and think. In addition, ask questions that allow definitive results that can be measured and therefore, answered! Here is a list of 50 questions that Interact created to help get your creativity jumpstarted. You want your quiz to be engaging and fun with no drop-offs, so try keeping your quiz between 5-7 questions. That means the typical quiz will take just 1-2 minutes to complete. Interact is so easy to edit. If you’d like to change anything on the quiz, simply select the section you’d like to change and make edits!

In this step, you will also be able to map out result correlations with a few simple clicks.

Create Results

After you’ve completed 5-7 questions and answers, it’s time to complete your results. I stuck with just three different levels, but you can have as many as you want! Again, editing results is easy too and can be completed by editing each section. You have the option to have a call to action, which can be a url redirect. I did not use this feature in my quiz because I am using my call to action as an incentive email in Convertkit. You can also choose to have social media share buttons so once your quiz-takers have completed the quiz, they can share their results on their social media page!

Connect Email Service Provider

The last big step in this process is integrating your email service provider. I use Convertkit, but they have about every provider known to man for easy, seamless integration! You can send information to specific lists or forms, and tags, and so much more to make sure you’re really targeting these new leads in a meaningful way.

Share Your Quiz

Now that you’ve created your Interact Quiz, it’s time to shout it from the rooftops. I embedded mine on my website and with a link on social media. But honestly, the possibilities are endless. This is a helpful guide to embedding a quiz onto your website.

Review Analytics

After you’ve shared your quiz, it’s time to let the results roll in. I love looking at my analytics page to see how many people have taken my quiz, how they answered my questions, and what results they received. The analytics are so intuitive that I can see if anyone dropped off my quiz and at what question. These stats show me all that I need to know to keep making my quiz successful.

If you’ve created an Interact Quiz, let me know! What was your quiz topic? I can’t wait to see how it has grown your email list!

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