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First impressions are everything, and that often starts with wowing visitors that land on your coming soon page. These visitors need to be so impressed that when you launch your website, they’ll come back to know more. 

As a website designer, I’ve crafted my fair share of coming soon pages, and I believe there are 7 things your coming soon page absolutely needs to take full advantage of capturing the attention (and email address) of your visitors.

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Must-Haves For Your Coming Soon Page

1. Make it branded. 

Your coming soon page should complement the rest of your business and fit within the guidelines of your brand. 

It should also play off the design of the rest of your website. When visitors come back to your launched website, they should recognize the style or tone of your brand and website. This subconsciously encourages trust and authority.

2. Don’t forget the logo.

I know this is an obvious one. Whether it be your primary, secondary/alternate, or even submark, a logo of some sort is needed on your coming soon page.

You’re trying to warm your audience up to your new website. Adding your logo will increase familiarity.

3. Write some attention-grabbing copy.

First, make it clear that your website is under construction or coming soon. 

Next, take advantage of the power of words. Be creative and impress this visitor so they’ll come back for more when your website launches. 

4. Add rememberable imagery.

Most people are visual learners. People will most-likely remember the look and feel of your website over the specific words you share. Your imagery needs to be eye-catching and memorable.

5. Offer assistance via email.

If someone lands on your coming soon page, they’re most likely looking for some information or ready to book with you. Without a contact page or inquiry form, you’re blocking yourself from potential leads or customers. Offering your email gives them a chance to reach out to chat further. 

6. Call them to action.

Offer visitors another way to stay in touch with you via your email list or newsletter. You already know that emails are gold and having that will allow you to tell them about your website launch and any other products or services you offer.

7. Direct them to socialize.

Lastly, use social buttons and encourage them to get social with you through your Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. Through your social channels, you can keep them aware of your website launches and get to know you and your business further.

Coming soon pages are important and have the potential to set your website up for great success. This list of 7 must-haves will allow you to take full advantage of this page!

Must-Haves For Your Coming Soon Page

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