The 7-Step Plan For SEO Success

I’m beyond thrilled to share this new, free educational download with you! Every website I create has different goals, but they all have the same priority – to convert! You don’t just need a pretty website, you need a website that’s attracting the right people and converting them into paying clients/customers. Although it takes effort getting people to your website, having this SEO Plan will help grow your website’s visibility.

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Why I Created This SEO Plan:

When I first started my business I had $0 for ad spend. And because of that, I knew I wanted to take advantage of SEO. Over the years through trial and error, I “cracked the code” on SEO, and today I help my website design clients set up their website pages for SEO, knowing it will bring them long-term growth.

But I didn’t stop there. I wanted my clients and friends/followers (Just like you!) to skyrocket their website visitors by understanding SEO and how to grow their business online. So I took my process and removed all the speedbumps to craft this Plan for you. It’s worked so well for my clients, and I know it will only be a matter of time before you see results too!

Why SEO Matters:

In today’s competitive market, SEO is becoming more and more important. Every day, millions of people are going online to search for a solution to their wants and needs. In fact, it’s said that the “average person” conducts searches 3-4 times every single day (source). And because of that, when you optimize your website and content properly, you are increasing your chances of being seen online.

SEO can do so much for your business, including these benefits:
• Rank higher in search engine results.
• Increase website visitors.
• Improve website user experience and usability.
• Stand out against competitors.
• Build trust and authority.

What This Plan Can Do For You:

While creating this SEO Plan, the goal was to remove any confusion and overwhelm by clearly outlining what you need to know about SEO. So I broke down the must-dos into seven steps that will bring you SEO success. In addition to the educational content, there are workbook-style sections to implement what you’re learning.

Here are some of the topics covered in this SEO Plan:
• Must-have tools for data analytics.
• How to help Google “crawl” your website.
• The importance of keywords.
• Getting Google “crawl” your website.
• Writing content that boosts your SEO.
• Optimizing your pages and posts.
• Getting your site featured or linked on other websites.
• The #1 way I grew my SEO.
And so much more!

I’ve created many free, educational downloads, but this is one of my favorites because it’s going to help a lot of people elevate their business online. This free SEO Plan is 16 pages long, and will bring you more success – more website visitors, an improved ranking, more visibility, or more money – comes your way because of it.

So are you ready to scale your business through SEO?!

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