How Pinterest Can Skyrocket Your SEO

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I love Pinterest, and I freaking love what it does for my business. When I need help with something, I look to Pinterest first for help, then Google. Because I’m such a visual person, attractive pins with titles that entice me are totally kryptonite. Not too long ago, I started pinning for business, and the Pinterest SEO growth that I’ve reaped from it has already been so rewarding.

What Pinterest Did For My SEO:

Before I started using Pinterest to promote my blog posts, design work, freebies, and more, it was an honest miracle I was staying booked. I was working so hard on my SEO, but I felt like I was hitting a wall for growth. I know there is power in Pinterest, so I turned to this platform for help. Today, my SEO has skyrocketed, my website views have significantly increased, my leads have doubled, and my subscriber list has tripled. You absolutely need to start implementing it into your marketing strategy today.

What Pinterest Can Do For Your SEO:

Truly, Pinterest can be a game-changer for your business. Pinterest is different than other social media channels because once you pin your content, it becomes evergreen – meaning it has the potential to be consistently pinned, seen, and viewed.

Pinterest took my website’s visitors to new heights, and here is what it can do for you:
• Gives you more chances to show up in SERPs (search engine results pages).
• Drives targeted traffic.
• Encourages conversion (55% of users are using Pinterest for products to purchase that meet their needs (source)).
• Generates real engagement.
• Increases brand visibility, authority, and trust.

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How To Optimize Your Pinterest For SEO:

Using Pinterest for business has a much different strategy or approach than pinning for fun. Although Pinterest is considered a social media platform, it’s actually more like a search engine. Over 250 million people use Pinterest every month (source), so the odds of someone looking for the content you are creating and sharing is very high.

Before you start pinning and sharing your business’ content, you need to set up your business account correctly. Doing these steps will ensure that your new business account is optimized for SEO growth.

Create Your Business Account:

To begin, if you are new to Pinterest, create a business account. If you have a personal account, login and in the Settings section, choose ‘Upgrade To Business Account’. Answer the following questions to complete your new business account.

Next, complete the rest of the information in the ‘Settings’ section, including your profile photo, your display name (Tip: After your name/business name, include what your business does. This helps your Pinterest searchability. And by now you know that more views equals an improved SEO ranking!), bio, location, connect any social media links, and lastly, claim your website.

Optimize Your Business Account:

Now that you’ve set up your business account, you need to make sure your Pinterest account/page is optimized correctly.

First, under the ‘Privacy & Data’ section inside of your ‘Settings’, make sure the box for ‘Search Privacy’ is not checked. This will allow your profile to be seen through search engines, which is obviously a must for SEO.

Next, all of your Pinterest Boards should be related to your niche. This means you should create a personal account for “fun pinning” (AKA for those cute puppy pics and ideas for your next amazing Halloween costume) or make those boards secret. Once you have created these boards, you need to optimize them with a thorough, well-written description of the board that includes any relevant keywords and phrases. A strong description will grow your SEO and reach relevant searchers – both on Pinterest and through SERPs.

Your Pinterest boards should be a good mix between your own pins and others. To optimize your pins, make sure the descriptions are detailed and contain keywords or related search terms. Your pin’s appearance should be high-quality and attractive. Again, doing this will optimize your pin so it can be seen by the right people and enticing enough for them to click on your pin!

How Tailwind Helps You Make The Most Of Pinterest And SEO:

Truthfully, my Pinterest growth is made possible with the help of Tailwind. Tailwind is a Pinterest (and Instagram) scheduler, analytics, and marketing tool. This tool allows you to schedule pins to post at specific times for optimal engagement and growth. It will help turn your content evergreen and save you countless hours of time.

Tailwind Tips To Help Skyrocket Your Pinterest SEO:

1. Pin Frequency

First, driving traffic to your blog or website requires you to pin frequently (The suggested minimum amount is 20 pins per day.), but you don’t want to pin everything at one time. Tailwind saves you time by allowing you to schedule these pins for optimal engagement and growth.

2. SmartLoop

In addition, Tailwind also has a SmartLoop feature that automates your best content to be repinned or “looped” for you at the most optimal times. So basically it’s a miracle worker.

3. Tailwind Tribes

Lastly, the biggest thing Tailwind does to skyrocket your SEO growth is Tribes. Tailwind Tribes are like group boards where multiple Pinterest users can pin related content. You can also schedule your pins to these tribes. Additionally, these Tribes are so important to your growth because they help your content get in front of new audiences that may not be following you, but are also in this Tribe or may be following the Tribe. You do have to join these Tribes and follow their rules or guidelines, if they have any. But trust me they are a must-do, and the trade-off is so beneficial to increasing your reach and website visitors!


Pinterest can elevate your SEO to new heights. Ultimately, it has the power to drive targeted traffic to your website, increase your brand’s visibility, generate real engagement and conversion, and so much more! And to do this, you just need a properly optimized Pinterest business account. Thankfully, Tailwind is a powerful tool that can save you time as you tackle your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Pinterest (with the help of Tailwind) has become my #1 source of website traffic. Now that you know the power of Pinterest, will you add Pinterest and Tailwind into your SEO marketing plan?

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