11 Reasons Why I Switched From WordPress To Showit

Let me begin by saying that Showit changed my life. Dramatic? Abso-freakin’-lutely, but it’s so true! It’s a program that allows me to follow my passion in a fun way. It allows me to be creative without being stressed or overwhelmed. And because of that, it’s allowed me to create a profession that I down-right adore!

Been There, Done That

I’ve tried all the platforms (WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, etc.), and themes (Divi, Genesis, ProPhoto, etc.), and nothing compares to Showit. Been there, done that, and ain’t going back! When I first started my business, a mentor told me that if I didn’t learn to design on WordPress, I was just asking for my business to fail. So I followed her advice, learned to code, and “specialized” in designing WordPress websites. I spent day after day sitting behind a computer, coding away, and I hated every second. And my heart broke a little every time I would hand off a site to a client for them to only be intimidated and worried they may “break” it. After all, I loved creating websites to help people, not confuse them further.

But then the holy grail of website platforms walked into my life and solved all of my (and my clients’) problems! So I went Ariana Grande and said “thank you, next” to WordPress, Squarespace, and headaches and haven’t looked back since. Today, I get to create the most attractive, unique, and interactive websites for the most empowering, creative women. My only regret is not making the switch sooner. There are so many things to love about Showit, but here are 11 noteworthy  reasons why you’ll love Showit as much as I do!

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11 Reasons Why I Love Showit

1. Completely Customizable

You know all those times when themes or products tell you it’s completely customizable, but it’s actually not? Or maybe it is, but it will require a PhD in coding and a bottle of tequila for you to get the customizations just how you want it? Well, Showit actually is completely customizable. Change out the colors and fonts with just a few clicks of a button. Upload photos in a flash. And use your creativity to perfectly design #allthethings with this easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder. And yes, this drag-and-drop builder puts those other drag-and-drop builders to shame.

2. No Coding Needed

Before I go any further, let’s answer this vital question: just how much coding is actually needed? None. Nada. Zilch. Seriously! This is one massive reason why I feel confident handing over websites to my clients because they don’t have to know how to code to make simple edits to their website! Because of the drag-and-drop builder, you won’t have to spend hours upon hours using code to perfect your design. Instead, Showit does all of the hard work for you so you can spend hours upon hours doing stuff you actually love.

3. Completely Customizable Mobile Design

Showit is also unlike other platforms as it relates to mobile responsiveness because it allows you to completely customize your mobile website design. As you already know, most website visitors are coming to your website for the first time through their phone. And because of that, it’s absolutely vital that the mobile version of your website makes an outstanding first impression. Other platforms or themes are “mobile-responsive” but they simply reflect your website’s desktop version and unlike Showit, they don’t allow you to make the customizations needed to perfect your mobile design.

4. Built-In SEO Tools

We know how important SEO (search engine optimization) is, but it can often seem intimidating or confusing. Showit decided to take it a step further by taking out the fear out of SEO too. From titles to descriptions and everything in-between, Showit provides built-in SEO tools so your new website not only looks good but can be found online too!

5. Powerful WordPress Blog

I realize this can be confusing – I left WordPress to only brag about the Showit platform using a WordPress Blog? The only reason why I wanted to stay with WordPress was due to their powerful blogging option. It’s the best of the best, so when I discovered that Showit integrated with WordPress to host my blog, I was completely sold. This means that Showit is its own platform. You do all of your designing in Showit. But you write your blog posts in WordPress. They work together to create complete magic. And because the blog integrates with WordPress, this means that you are able to use a wide-range of helpful plugins to elevate your blog even further. Yep, you can have your cake and eat it too!

6. Easy Design Interface

I love Showit’s interface. It’s set up similar to Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, or Photoshop and makes designing with the drag-and-drop builder easy. I’ve even had clients that have never had a website before (or even knew what Illustrator was!) completely learn the platform in an hour. When you work with me, I make sure you are equipped with multiple video tutorials so you walk away feeling confident about understanding Showit and making any edits in the future.

7. Free Blog Migration

If you are switching from another platform (like WordPress or Squarespace) there is no need to worry about migrating your blog posts yourself. Because the Showit Team does that for you too! It’s typically no more than a 4-day turnaround, and they will migrate your post, images, and comments.

8. Affordable Options

Showit has three different pricing plans to best fit your needs. The Showit Plan is best for websites that don’t require a blog. The majority of my clients select the Showit + Basic Blog, which is best for websites that require a blog. Lastly, the Showit + Advanced Blog gives you some added features like additional WordPress plugins, ability to open a Shop, and more.

9. Included Hosting

The only thing you need to worry about is purchasing your Domain Name because Showit takes care of your hosting too by including it in your pricing plan. And just in case you’re wondering how you connect your Domain Name to your website, no worries because the Showit Team takes care of that too.

10. Community

When you become a #Showiteer, you become a part of a family! Upon signing up, you are welcomed into their private Facebook group so you can network with other users, ask for assistance if you need it, get inspired by others’ websites, and more! I know other themes have groups of this sort, but this community is actually run by Showit staff members and is on a completely different level with their generosity, support, and kindness.

11. Support

And just in case you somehow aren’t sold yet, Showit offers hundreds of Help Docs and one-on-one chat support. This company is built around helping others and meeting needs, and it’s so evident in everything that they do. I’ve never heard of another platform or theme doing this, and it’s yet another reason why Showit is better than the rest. When I have ever had a question, issue, or just want assistance launching a website, the Showit Team was there to answer my questions and answer my needs. And they do it with patience, grace, and the absolute best gifs (my personal fav being the crazy typing Kermit the Frog). The Showit Team makes sure I don’t feel like just another customer, but a valued, understood entrepreneur. And I don’t know about you, but that in itself is a platform I can boldly get behind.


By now, I know what you are thinking. This seems to good to be true, right? I’ve been there too, my friend. I had my doubts so that’s why I started with the free trial. You can start by taking a test run of the platform through their Demo or signing up and starting your free trial. There is a reason why the master’s of their craft are using Showit – like photographer Katelyn James, podcaster and influencer Jenna Kutcher, and former Bachelorette and blogger Julian Harris. I am so glad I made this change, and I am so proud to create websites my clients love and allows them to confidently make edits to their website as their business grows.

Whether you’re just starting out with a bootstrap budget, on top of your own Mt. Everest, or even somewhere in-between circling the hamster wheel – I’ve got Showit Website Templates and Custom Design Services to help you elevate your online home. Not sure which option is right for you and your business? Take this quiz to discover what’s best for you:

  1. I’m thinking you just saved me from ripping my hair out! Thank you Abagail! I giggled and praised the almighty for this post! Thanks for the tip!

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