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First impressions are everything, and that often starts with wowing visitors that land on your coming soon page. These visitors need to be so impressed that when you launch your website, they’ll come back to know more.  As a website designer, I’ve crafted my fair share of coming soon pages, and I believe there are […]

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There are so many metrics Google and other search engines monitor for SEO, and today we’re narrowing in on backlinks.  Backlinks are absolutely vital in improving your ranking. Unfortunately, it takes some effort to build your backlinks. But by the end of this blog post, you will have a deeper understanding of backlinks and how […]

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As a brand and website designer, I’ve been through my share of feedback and editing stages to perfect designs. And no matter your designer and how many years of experience he/she has under their belt, they can’t create perfect designs for your business without your feedback.  Even through questionnaires, calls, emails, etc., no one knows […]

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I’ve done a lot of photography for my business and walked many clients through their own brand photography. And one thing remains the same: if the photoshoot isn’t coordinated down to the last detail, you’ll most likely walk away dissatisfied or with regrets. You want your brand photos to feel like you and attract your […]

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There are thousands (umm… over 54,000 to be semi-exact) of plugins out there. So how do you weed through them all to pick out the ones that are efficient, helpful, and cost-effective?  Look no further – I’ve gathered my list of my favorite, must-have WordPress plugins to specifically help your blog. And better yet – […]

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Friendly heads up: This post contains affiliate links. But I was going to recommend them anyway, so I may as well get paid for it, right?! Please know that I only recommend resources I have personally used and wholeheartedly love. As a website designer, I love sharing tips and suggestions on improving your website and […]

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Well my friend, you absolutely need to add ‘website image optimization’ to your SEO to-do list. It’s vital in boosting your ranking and helping you get seen through search engines. Optimizing your website’s images is important for so many reasons, including: – Increasing your page load time. We know when our pages load quicker, our […]

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I owe a massive amount of my website visitor growth to SEO and Pinterest. If you’re here, I bet you could say the same. (Or at least want to say the same in a few months!) Tasty Pins is a WordPress plugin that will allow you to optimize your images for both SEO and Pinterest […]

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