[Review] How To Optimize Your Images For SEO And Pinterest With Tasty Pins

I owe a massive amount of my website visitor growth to SEO and Pinterest. If you’re here, I bet you could say the same OR at least want to say the same in a few months! Tasty Pins is a WordPress plugin that will allow you to optimize your images for both SEO and Pinterest – with just a few clicks and with absolutely zero hassle.

SEO has always been a priority for me, but it wasn’t until this year that I started to put focus on Pinterest. I took a course and got to work doing all the must-dos – including adding multiple pin images to my blog posts, just like this one.

Why I Started Using Tasty Pins

I knew I wanted my blog posts and images to be properly optimized for SEO, but I quickly realized how big of a pain it was to also optimize my pin images correctly for Pinterest. I couldn’t do both easily and efficiently. Even batch uploading my content was taking me light years to complete. 

I knew I needed a solution, and hallelujah the blessing of Tasty Pins came to me in the form of a WordPress plugin.

What does Tasty Pins do?

Oh, I’m glad you asked. Since using this plugin, I still have 99 problems, but optimizing my images for SEO and Pinterest ain’t one! Tasty Pins has many features. The biggest one is that Tasty Pins doesn’t make you choose between optimizing your images for SEO and Pinterest – you can correctly optimize both!

Your alt text’s responsibility (as it relates to SEO) is to tell Google and other search engines the context of the image in plain language. 

When a website visitor shares any image or pin to Pinterest directly from your website/blog, the alt text pre-populates as that image/pin’s description.  Unfortunately, when we correctly optimize our alt text for Pinterest, it hurts our SEO. And when we correctly optimize our alt text for SEO, it hurts our Pinterest strategy.

We DON’T want our alt text to be packed with keywords. This is spammy and because of that, Google strongly discourages this behavior. But we DO want our pin’s description to be detailed with keywords – and even hashtags!

So how do we get our cake and eat it too? Oh, I’m glad you asked that too. Tasty Pins.

With this WordPress plugin, you are able to easily input both your alt text and Pinterest text into their respective sections. Now I can optimize my images with appropriate alt text for SEO purposes and create informative descriptions with hashtags that perform well in Pinterest searches.

visual example of how you can upload Pinterest text and Alt text within WordPress

But hold up – it gets better! Tasty Pins does so much more than this!

Other Tasty Pins Benefits And Features:

No HTML Coding

I’m fully aware you can use HTML coding to optimize your images for SEO and Pinterest. I did that for a long time actually. But even when I batch did this and copy and pasted a lot of the work, it took away so much time and was a major headache. 

But when you input your alt text and Pinterest text through the WordPress plugin Tasty Pins, it does all of the heavy lifting for you – meaning no coding is required! 

(Note: As of writing this post [August 15, 2019], WordPress’ new Gutenburg editor requires you to input your Pinterest text in the image’s block settings (as shown in the photo above). Adding the Pinterest text to an image within the Media Library does not translate to the code.)

Hide Pins

If you’ve done any Pinterest strategy at all, you know the value of providing multiple pin images to a blog post. But having so many images displayed can be overwhelming and annoying to readers. 

I used to do this myself with some coding, as described here. But again, it was so time consuming and wasn’t worth the hassle. Thankfully, Tasty Pins has a solution for that too! 

With this plugin, you can “hide” your pins by simply uploading them to the ‘Hidden Pins’ section at the bottom of your blog. It’s that easy! 

Now when readers come to my blog, they can select any Pinterest share button and the rest of my pin options will then appear for easy selection. Pretty cool, right?

Disable Pinning

Sometimes we have images on our blog that we don’t want shared on Pinterest. With a click of a button, Tasty Pins can disable pinning of that image.

Repin ID

Repin ID allows you to connect your pin’s ID (the numbers/characters found in the pin’s URL) to the image on your blog/website. This allows you to boost your pin’s repin count by associating saves from your website with that existing pin on Pinterest.

Hover Button

If desired, Tasty Pins can add the default Pinterest hover button to your images. Having a Pinterest hover button reminds viewers to save your images to Pinterest.

Forced Pinning

If you’d like viewers to pin a certain image, you can force them to do just that! Doing this means that when a viewer clicks a Pinterest save button, that forced pin is what actually gets saved.

Lightweight And Fast

This plugin isn’t bulky and is super fast. I’ve never had to worry about its performance or if it’s slowing down my page’s speed.


And just in case all of these features didn’t sell you, they have a handy chat feature that allows you unlimited support for any issues or questions that you may have.

Investment Details:

I’ve officially been using Tasty Pins for over six months, and I highly recommend this powerful plugin. It’s a small yearly investment, and with the amount of time that I save with the plugin, it’s beyond worth it. Tasty Pins allows me to take absolutely complete advantage of optimizing my images for SEO and Pinterest – two ways I market my business for free

(Note: Showit users require an ‘Advanced Blog’ subscription to use this plugin.)

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